• NWTR and Allday Time Systems have merged

Allday Time Manager can help you to manage your workforce with solutions for Time Attendance, Absence Management, Human Resources Records and Access Control. Giving you essential information about your workforce at your fingertips.

Allday Time Manager – Benefits

Reduce costs and administration

Improve employee productivity

Monitor and manage Absenteeism  (including Bradford Factor scoring)

Manage employee lateness

Be Working Time Directive compliant

Quick Return On Investment (ROI)


Extensive work patterns and schedules

Fully scalable from 20-50,000 employees with secure multi-level login for added security.

Fire Roll Call facility

Automated link to payroll (e.g. to SAGE Payroll)

Employee Rostering/Rotas made simple

Employee Status Panel (ESP) – showing who is in and out in an instant

Flexi working time

New – Cloud based option available (also called ‘Software As a Service’), this means that the system can be accessed via the internet securely from anywhere

Report builder facility – bespoke and tailored reports for your individual needs

Return on Investment (ROI) with fast set up

UK based professional Support team